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This chimney was tuck pointed by another company.  So to repair this chimney, we needed to tear it down to roof line and rebuild it.  So, we started by setting up our scaffolding.  Working to protect the customers windows and tile roof.  As we rebuilt this job, we are always conscious of making sure the.. order clomid over the counter

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This chimney was referred to us form another chimney company.  As the first picture shows; the stones were falling out in the center of the chimney.  While, other portions of the chimney were very loose.  We started by protecting the windows with pink foam.  Then we set up scaffolding to safely work on the chimney. .. purchase clomid over counter

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Before and After: This chimney has three different bricks which have been stained; so they match the age of the house.  Another quality job done by Carlson’s Chimney in  Enderis Park, Milwaukee cheap clomid tablets